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The third part of the Luigi’s story in a haunted mansion is not very rich for bosses. However, they are pretty different – some are less difficult to defeat, the others are so tricky that it is really hard. You need to fight each boss in order to release one of your friends that are entrapped by the enemies and hope that you will help. So each time you do that successfully, one of your buddies comes out and you can move on to release the rest. The bosses are located on every stage of the mansion and you will meet each one at the end of the level. Traditionally. The overall game is very entertaining and interesting, but the fights with the bosses can be very challenging because some of them are extremely uneasy to beat. Still, each and every ghost has his or her weak point and if you will find where the point is, you will easily cope with this task. A little bit of wittiness and attention – and the victory is almost in your pocket. So try to figure out what are the spots that bring the bosses maximal harm when you aim them. Sometimes, these spots will be pretty obvious to you, in other cases you will have to make a couple of tries and find them.
The levels – the floors of the hotel – are different and each of them has a particular theme. You will be surprised that some are not very suitable for hotel as it is and don’t really look like one. For example, you might find yourself in a disco club or on the ship with pirates. Let’s think that all of these environments are just the magic that flows around the mansion here and there. That’s true! Each floor is protected by a spirit – a guardian, and this spirit is connected with the theme of the floor. This means that one time, you will have to arrange a deadly fight with a DJ or with someone that looks like a shark from the deep ocean. This makes the game pretty unusual and unpredictable and a small pitch of madness makes it really amusing to play!