Luigi’s Mansion Nintendo Switch

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As you know, Mario has always been the star. He is the main character of the franchise and all the titles feature him as the main hero. However, what about his bro-plumber, Luigi? Well, now his time has come, because this one is the first game in the Mario universe where you play for the brother in a green suit, not the red one. Together with all the friends from the well-known game, Luigi visits an old mansion where he and his fellows were kindly invited. Guys are assured that cool weekend is waiting for there. But everything turns out in another way! Well, without problems, there are no adventures and stories, so this is something you could expect. The mansion is not an ordinary one, but a haunted, as you might have guessed.
Luigi realizes that his brother is missing. The mansion is pretty large and it seems like it becomes even larger and larger when you go through the corridors and rooms. They are numerous and look and feel like a labyrinth. Now he needs to find Mario, but he has no idea where the bro is. So the adventure starts and Luigi goes for searching. At the same time, he needs to be careful and attentive, since the house is full of ghosts and evil spirits that are always around. Gladly, Luigi is here with hands that are not empty! He has an ultimate weapon against the ghosts – a device that allows him to deal with these creatures easily. So he can use this amazing supply to make his path safe. The weapon has been created by his buddy-professor and it is called Polter Gust. With its help, the plumber can catch the spirits and keep them locked. Each ghost has a number that indicates its power and energy, so Luigi will have to keep the weapon aimed at the ghost until this number turns into zero.
Maybe, the only sad thing about this incredible game that entertains all the fans of the series is that it is too short. All the gamers accepted the title very positively, but the length is a bit disappointing – there are only four stages to discover. However, they are so bright and stuffed with tasks and adventures, that this issue cannot spoil your impression about it. You will have an access to the stages as well as the room where you can train your character and learn how to use your weapons in the best way. Also, there are places like professor’s lab and a gallery where the portraits are hanging. Watch out, the portraits can be “alive”! This is a haunted house, all in all! So join millions of fans that have already enjoyed the game and have fun as well! Happy ghost-catching!