Dark Moon

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The dark moon has been broken into pieces and these pieces are thrown around the mansions filled with ghosts. The problem is that the ghosts go a bit crazy now, because the moon kept them under control, but when it is broken, the ghosts are free to do whatever they want. Luigi gets a task from the professor Gadd – he needs to find all the pieces of the artifact and bring them together to make the ghosts stop doing their nasty deeds. This is it! You are starting a new adventure and it is your mission to bring the entire world in order. You were just a plumber but now you are a savior!
Gladly, the professor is a perfect inventor and nearly a genius. He equips you with a cool vacuum cleaner. You might think, that there is no sense in a vacuum cleaner when you are going to a house filled with the evil spirits. But you are wrong! This is not a regular one and it is not created to clean the floor. It is created to clean the houses from ghosts! So take your tool and start your journey. The weapon will help you catch the ghosts that will try to attack you. Just don’t hurry too much – not all the ghosts are harmful, some of them will support you and let you move further. The others are the guardians of every level, so they defend the pieces of the dark moon and your aim is to beat them all down to get an access to the desired pieces of the moon.
There are different places you will have to visit. Five levels are waiting for you and all of them are variable when it comes to atmosphere and theme. What is more, this is the first game in the series that features a multiplayer mode! This means that you can call your friends and start the amazing ghost-catching adventure together! You will find the disappeared parts of the magical moon and make them fit together, so the peace will come back to this world! Finally!