Mario Luigi’s Mansion

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Mario’s brother Luigi is the central character of the series. As you may know, this is a couple of stories that happen in different haunted buildings – mansions and hotels. Each story starts when friends decide to accept an invitation to a large house, where all the luxury conditions are available for them. Strange enough, but after troubles they experience in each part, they have no suspicions that something might go wrong next time. And it surely does go wrong! Because otherwise we wouldn’t have such a nice series of amazing games. So every time they visit the desired place, they realize that they were tricked by the enemies and now the horrors start! The houses are full of ghosts and most of them are not very friendly. While the others are pretty cute and nice, so they will help Luigi on his way.
In different parts of the game, you will play for the same character and this is a green brother. Mario is not an active part of the events. In one of the chapters, he as well as Princess Peach and the Toads, is captured by the ghosts, so Luigi is here to save them. You will see Mario locked inside of the picture hanging on the wall and he won’t be able to act anyhow. The mission is to solve the puzzles and defeat nasty ghosts in order to open the portraits and let your buddies get out of there. Gladly, Luigi has a great weapon to fight with the spirits – a highly-technological tool created by a genius professor and given to Luigi. He will carry the weapon with him and make the ghosts energy reduce. Also, he has a beam-light that is a great weapon to struggle the ghosts as well.
These series are considered as the best project in the history of Mario franchise. Or at least, one of the best ones. The games have a perfect gameplay – well-thought and captivating. The graphics are also great, while the puzzles are witty and smart. You will surely have a great time playing this Mario game. And what is more, this is your perfect chance to act as Luigi, because these series feature him as the main hero and there are no other Mario titles that do the same thing. So immerse yourself into a mysterious and bit frightening adventure through a haunted house and do your best to complete all the missions successfully!