Luigi’s Mansion Horror

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If you are pretty sure that the horror games don’t have to frighten you too much, then this one is a great choice. We mean that all of those ugly monsters, creepy zombies, and jumpscares are not always the best way to evoke adrenaline in you and make the game really worthy. Sometimes, the best horror titles are those that have a well-though and interesting atmosphere that might use some elements of the horror genre. Like ghosts, elements of survival, strange mysteries to solve, danger, and everything like that. All of such elements are not created to make your hair grey and they never scare you directly. You won’t jump on your chair from fear when playing Luigi’s Mansion, but there are incredible horror elements here that will surely make you a bit anxious. Especially, if you will take a deeper look into the game’s plot.
From the first sight, nothing really horrible is here. You are a green brother of Mario and you are stuck in a house full of ghosts. The graphics are not very gloomy, but pretty aesthetical here. The idea is to wander around the house with your anti-ghost weapon. With its help, you will defeat the spirits that are evil. There are also the good ones, so you won’t need to fight with every single ghost that you see. Most of them look like caricatures on the real people, but if you will think about this for a while, you will realize that the ghosts do have personalities. This will make you start thinking that they really were living people time ago. And here comes the horror element – they are stuck in their life-related problems and suffering forever. All of them are in this mansion as if this was something like a limbo, where the lost souls are locked and cannot do anything. They are not living anymore, so they cannot live the life of human beings. At the same time, they are undead, creatures that cannot stay at the place they belong – the afterlife world.