Luigi’s Mansion 4

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The third part of the franchise was amazing and incredibly popular. If you haven’t played it yet – don’t miss you chance and check it out on our website! And if you did, then the time has come to immerse yourself into the forth part. You will see how the series were changing and transforming through the least years. The gameplay and visual part of the game were improved, but this is not all. Luigi’s ultimate weapon against the evil ghosts is becoming more and more technological and advanced! In the fourth part, you will see it upgraded again. This makes the game even more enjoyable to play.
Well, let’s talk about this part in detail. Luigi is a main character again and he has to deal with the ghosts one more time. However, who are those ghosts? They must belong to the real people that died time ago. In the game, each spirit looks ridiculously and doesn’t really remind of a human being, but they must be someone. We don’t know what are their lives and why they are ghosts now. All of them are living in the same house, but we have no idea why. We can try to guess something about their prior existence from the ghosts they are now – someone must have been an angry mother, the other one was a house keeper. How did they end in a mansion all together? Finally, we will have a chance to learn more about their personalities. As you have noticed, these series, where Luigi grabs a weapon against the ghosts and absorbs them in this tool, is much more based on sci-fi than any other Mario game.
As you remember from the previous parts, there are kind ghosts here as well. Not each spirit will try to attack you – some are going to help or simply leave your alone. You can make friends with some ghosts and this will make your adventure much easier. All of them have had some problems in their previous lives – some were poor, the others lost their children. This is why they live in the world of alive people – there is something they didn’t do in their previous lives and they cannot leave this place peacefully. Luigi can help them and resolve their problems to let them rest in peace in their afterlife. So this point makes the game even more variable and interesting than it is. Just wandering around the mansion and catching ghosts while trying to find your friends hidden somewhere in the rooms, you might have so much fun. The characters are bright, the weapons are powerful, and a deal of prizes and puzzles are waiting for you on your way. However, you can also immerse yourself in a story about the ghosts which is a real drama, so don’t you miss a single feature and part of the game – the developers did a really good job to build numerous layers.