Luigi’s Mansion 2

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Created a project for Nintendo and the first game where Luigi finally becomes the main character, this title will come to the liking of all fans. If you have already played the first part of these series, you already know what is waiting for you. Previously, Mario, Luigi, and other characters went to the countryside where they stayed in a mansion. Very soon, they realized that this was a really bad luck, because the mansion was a trick of their enemy that tried to capture them inside. And he could do that! So Mario disappeared and his brother took a ghost “absorber” to catch the spirits and find his best friend and brother. The gameplay of the second part feels very much the same as the one at the first part.
Now the professor called Gadd asks Luigi to investigate different houses that are located in the valley. The task is to find the relicts – pieces of the dark moon that has been broken. This moon is an artifact and it controls the ghosts that inhabit the houses all around. If you can find the moon and bring all the pieces together, you will have a chance to control the ghosts and keep them all under your control. Now professor provides Luigi with a new model of the weapon Polter Gust and this version is much stronger than the previous! Now he can use this tool to gather the golden coins, not just to catch the ghosts. Also, the ghost-gun will help Luigi to solve different puzzles and find the needed objects that are hidden in the rooms of the mansion. This part of the game is focused rather on explorations of the locations all around and object gathering. The mushrooms will help you to find the pieces of the moon and bring them all back! The main enemy from the first part called King Boo will come back and you will see him again in the second chapter, so get ready! To catch the ghost, you need to use the lighter – just aim at the ghost using the flashlight and you will paralyze it. Ghosts don’t really like the daylight, you know.